Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese Green Tea - The Chinese Mystery at Health

Green Tea: China's Mystery at Long-Lived Health

Chinese green tea did not become very popular until a few years ago in the Western Hemisphere, yet this very potent tea has helped the Chinese at maintaining long-lived health throughout their entire lives.  Green Tea has many benefits for the healthy lifestyle seekers from the direct benefits of its influence on the body and the immune system, to the calorie burning side of green tea which should help the fitness seekers at maintaining optimal body weight levels.  

The Benefits of Green Tea 
Here's a Quick Peek at the Benefits of Green Tea:

Antioxidant - free radical scavenger reducing the damage of free radicals on the body.

Cardiovascular - inhibits formation of unnatural blood clots, reduces and inhibits rising blood pressure, prevents coronary artery disease, lowers LDL cholesterol increases the ratio of positive cholesterol.

Cancer Inhibitor - inhibits certain enzymes responsible for promoting cancer growth, while promoting apoptosis (programmed cell death) before cancer cells reach the size at which they divide and multiply.

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Fat Loss and Sugar Regulator - inhibits enzymatic activity that is responsible for spikes in insulin levels thereby regulating insulin release, while also blocking the body's transformation of fatty acids into a form in which they can be stored as fat.

Mental Sharpness - limits formation of proteins responsible for Alzheimer's, promotes brain cell regeneration by removing iron and free radicals, and promotes memory based learning by protecting cells in the hippocampus. 

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What to Watch Out for with Green Tea

The main thing that one needs to watch out with green tea is the caffeine intake.  While green tea has half the caffeine amount than the regular coffee, its best to maintain the regular daily dosage of 5 cups per day in order to limit the caffeine intake.  In addition to this, green tea interacts with beta-blocking medications used for heart rhythms, certain blood thinning drugs, and certain medications acting on the central nervous system.  It is best to consult with a doctor if you are taking any medications and are unsure of the possible interactions.

Where to Buy

Most health food retailers should carry the green tea and below are some helpful links that may help in searching for high quality green teas.

Purchase Links
Adagio Teas - Best Teas Online

Recommended Stores in Toronto

Natural Solution Health Foods - Sherway Gardens, Toronto, Canada

Informative Links - a detailed overview of green tea with references to scientific articles.